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School Advisory Commission

The School Advisory Commission (SAC) works with the pastor and principal in the administration of the school. The School Advisory Commission’s purpose is to set policy, advise the principal, provide a leadership role for financial planning, public relations, recruitment, and evaluation for the school.


The SAC consists of 6-9 members. The Pastor appoints three members and the SAC elects the remaining members. Members serve for a term of three (3) years, unless appointed or re-elected to serve an unexpired term. Terms are staggered such that three members' terms expire in a given year.


The regular meetings are typically held monthly in the school library. School parents are encouraged to attend any regular meeting. All School Board meetings are open meetings with the exception of executive sessions and work sessions. No motions are voted upon except in an open meeting.


Strategic Planning: The School Board sets long-range goals and objectives for the school in the Strategic Plan. On an annual basis, short-term goals are set for each school year, using the Strategic Plan as a guide.

Policy-Making: The School Board, with the assistance of the School Principal, recommends polices consistent with the policies set forth in the Handbook of School Policies from the Yakima Diocesan Education Board. It is the responsibility of the School Principal to implement and administer such policies.

Budgeting: The School Board, in conjunction with the School Principal, prepares an annual budget, and reviews the financial results on a monthly basis.

As representatives of school families, stakeholders are encouraged to bring their comments or concerns to the attention of any of the School Board members. Please remember that some issues are better suited for consideration by the School Principal.