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Mr. Bailey - Physical Education


Mr. Brian Bailey

Physical Education

Brian has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Central Washington University and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Health from Eastern Oregon University. Brian began his teaching career as a 6th grade middle school teacher. He is an avid sports enthusiast, and that naturally led him to get into coaching high school team sports. He loved coaching, and while there were aspects of teaching that he loved, what he loved even more about coaching was that “unlike teaching in the classroom, kids are ALWAYS excited to learn what you’re trying to teach them when it involves sports”!

He decided to go back to school to get a P.E. degree, so that he could teach what he was most passionate about all the time, instead of just some of the time. This year is Brian’s first year teaching P.E. at St. Joseph School, 2 days a week. Brian has been teaching part-time at three different schools in the Wenatchee Public School District, for more than seven years now. When the job opened at St. Joe’s last fall, he was excited about the opportunity to work here.  The kids truly adore him. One student quoted this statement recently about Mr. Bailey:

“Mr. Bailey is so nice and he’s a great Gym teacher, because he REALLY loves sports, and he teaches us really cool games, not just boring ones…instead of just telling you what he wants you to do, he shows you how to do it--and, he PLAYS with us too, which is really COOL”!

What does Brian have to say about St. Joe’s? He says, “I had always heard great things about St. Joe’s School. I had a bunch of friends in middle school and high school who came from St. Joe’s. They were always good students who seemed well-rounded and who had a great attitude toward life…I absolutely LOVE it here! All of the things I thought teaching was going to be like when I set out to become a teacher are here. What we have here is what it’s all about. These kids are exceptionally bright, and the test scores I have seen clearly indicate that. These are great kids, and great families. The behavior issues I have had to deal with here are so minor, compared to what I’ve had to deal with in some of the public schools I’ve taught before…I have enjoyed building the P.E. program this year. The kids at St. Joe’s are very appreciative—they actually say please and thank-you! My job here is truly rewarding, and if I could work full-time at one school, it would be at St. Joseph’s”. 


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