St. Joseph Church

Sept 5nd  Parent Club Meeting Notes:

§  Approved Summer Meeting Minutes

§  Treasurer Report:  BTS deposit $4,600 (fundraising fees and uniform store)



·        Playground Paint -  5 colors of paint was purchased in Spring.  Over summer hoops were painted and additional four square was added to the playground.  Extra paint will be given to school janitor after basketball keys have been painted in case of vandalism. 

·        Still need volunteer to finish staining project on the 7 remaining Hexagon tables in front of the school. 


·        Back To School Night – Ideas for improvement :

-        Welcome Desk – needs to be moved from Lobby and consider calling it, “New Family Check-in”

-        Early Welcome to new families 4:30-5:30. 

-        Consider having an administrator head up the planning of BTS night. 

-        Increase safety, close gates to playground lot.  Encourage families to park at church lot

-        Add a mid-summer uniform swap to Uniform Store planning. 



·        Gretchen Littler from Wenatchee Wild came to inform the group about fundraising opportunities.  Parent Club is scheduled to perform the 50/50 raffle on Nov. 24th , Erin Roberts is lead/planner.  St. Joe’s Honor Choir is singing national anthem at Feb 3rd hockey game.  All State Ins. Offices of Wenatchee have sponsored seating for the season.  If we want to use those as incentive tickets for our reading program it is imperative to act quickly, Kerri Gates is lead/planner for READ –A-Thon. 


·        Uniform Store has new location.  It is located outside of the preschool classroom.  To secure the merchandise Melissa Tibbs will measure and seek pricing on an overhead door or accordion fence/door and report back at the next meeting.  Open hours will remain the same.  Wednesday 2:30-3:15 p.m. and Friday 8-9 a.m. 


·        Parent Club’s Vice Pres. will acknowledge the club at Parent Info. Night on Sept 14th

·        Parent Club’s Booster Booth and Uniform Store will be set up at Harvest Fest.  Volunteers are needed.

·        Funding Requests

o   – 2 Blue Tooth Headphones for tablet (approved $80) 

o   More tablets(5-10) and perhaps the larger size.  (Not approved,  Will consider next month by adding it to Wild ticket fundraiser or Read-A-Thon, more discussion at next meeting)

o   3 Radio Set for nurse & recess duty.  Estimate $150 (Not approved, research regarding secure transmission and administration approval necessary first)


Decisions/Actions:                                                                                           Next Meeting:

§  Approved summer Meeting Minutes                                                                  2017-18 Club Budget

§  Melissa is seeking pricing

§  door to secure Uniform Store / Booster merchandise

§  Bluetooth head sets                  

Tabled discussion on additional tablet and radio set