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Mrs. Bush - Music


Mrs. Mandy Bush


Mandy has been teaching piano for 25 years and she is a specialist in Elementary Music Theory and Music Liturgy. She has been teaching music at St. Joseph School for 5 years. She also directs the Honor’s choir, writes and choreographs our school plays, and volunteers a lot of her time to help out around the school. She is always praying with the students, and they really appreciate her for that. Mandy possesses a calm spirit about her that any faculty member could tell you comes from being firmly rooted in her faith. She is so patient, kind and sincere, and she gives the kids constant words of affirmation. This is so much more than a job to her, it is obvious that music is her passion, and she uses her gift for ministering to youth through music. The students especially love her class, because she makes such an effort to meet them at their level, teaching them to worship God through music that is upbeat, fun and current. She doesn’t limit her class to teaching them hymns, she introduces them to Contemporary Christian music artists, and she plays popular music that they hear on the Christian radio station, and sing along to. In doing that, she is influencing them to make smarter choices about what music they listen to outside of school. That will benefit them long after they leave St. Joe’s. Most of our students now will turn on the radio and preferentially tune it to the Christian radio station, or download Christian music on their iPods, because they enjoy the music that Mandy has introduced them to.

Mandy shared some words from her heart: “I have been a teacher of piano and a leader of music for many years, at Holy Apostles Catholic Church. A few years ago, the Lord called me here to St. Joseph’s and told me to help the kids get to know Him through His music. That is what I try to do. I want the kids to learn and appreciate music, and to feel closer to their Savior through the music…I love the wonderful sense of community here at St. Joe’s. Everyone knows everyone, which leads to a beautiful sense of fellowship, both for us adults and for our children. Our children feel safe and welcome here”.   


Class Courses:

  • Instruments
  • Chior
  • Music