St. Joseph Church

Mrs. Martinez - 4th Grade


Mrs. Martinez

4th Grade

I started my education years ago at this very school. Throughout my
years attending St. Joe’s, I received a wonderful faith-filled experience. I
also formed lifelong friendships here. I cherish the time that I have spent
at this school.
In 2010, as my children entered elementary school, I went back to
school as well and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary
Education, with course work completed for an endorsement in Special
I feel blessed to have been brought up in the midst of this loving,
Christ-centered environment. Therefore, it is very sentimental and special
for me to have this amazing opportunity to be an educator at St. Joseph’s
Catholic School; to grow in faith, love, and service alongside my students.

Class Courses:

  • Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Art

Ms. Gema Padilla - 4th Grade


Ms. Gema Padilla

4th Grade Aide