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Mrs. Stitt - 1st Grade


Mrs. Erin Stitt

1st Grade

Erin has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. She worked in a Physical Therapy clinic with Pediatric patients, where she specialized in the detection and treatment of kids with developmental delays. She found that she had a love and a talent for working with kids, particularly ages 5-9. She wanted to somehow find a way to combine teaching with helping developmentally delayed kids, so she attended Eastern Washington University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary education, with an endorsement in Special education and Reading. She taught 1st grade in the East Wenatchee Public school system for two years. After her first child was born, in 2002 Erin wanted to focus on her family, so she became a substitute teacher, working both in the public and private sector. From 2002-2010, she was ‘the most requested and favored substitute teacher by choice of St. Joseph students’! She worked at St. Joe’s on many occasions, with several long-term subs for teachers who were on maternity leave.

The fall of 2010 was her first year on staff full-time at St. Joseph School. She says that “she loved this school so much, having worked here a lot over the past decade, that she turned down a higher-paying job in the public school system last fall, preferring to work at St. Joe’s”. We are so fortunate to have Erin. She loves to share God with students, and feels that, “the sense of community here is unbelievable. The staff is 100% encouraging & supportive of one another. When I was learning to be a teacher, I expected that every day of teaching would be exactly like it is at St. Joe’s—but it’s not like this in the public schools…Everyone here is after the same goal: teaching kids to have a relationship with God, to be respectful, to be eager to learn and for them to be accountable for their own actions. I especially like that the faculty prays together before the students come into the school in the morning, and then the entire student body prays together, inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit into our school, before each day begins”.   


Class Courses:

  • Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Art

Ms. Marisol Sitio - 1st Grade Aide

Ms. Marisol Sitio

1st Grade Aide