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Sister Olga Cano


Phone:  (509) 663-2644   

Sister Olga has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Universidad La Salle, in Guadalajara, Mexico; a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Elementary education, from Richard Stockton College in Pomona, NJ.

She received a scholarship to attend Seton Hall University, in South Orange, NJ, where she earned a Masters Degree in ‘Catholic Schools Leadership’, in 2007 (required preparation for becoming a Catholic school Principal).

Sister Olga was raised in Tamaulipas, Mexico, in a faithful and supportive family, where she and her twin sister were the youngest of seven children. She has always known that she wanted to be a teacher, and she is a natural leader. She started teaching Catechism when she was just 11 years old, and of the 45 students in her first class, two of them became priests, and one became a sister.  She says that, “her mother was very proud of her, when she declared her vocation to join the order of the ‘Missionary Daughters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary’ (in 1992), but her mother worried about how the family might afford her training. Sister Olga’s twin sister was so elated for her that she said, “If our parents cannot afford to pay, I will go to work to pay for your training myself”!

Sister Olga came to St. Joseph School in the fall of 2008, as associate Principal, and she stepped into the role of ‘Principal’ of St, Joseph Catholic School in the fall of 2010. She has been a sister for 19 years, and she has 16 years of experience teaching elementary education. She taught elementary Spanish and Art for eight years, and then Kindergarten for 5 years. As a gift to the Blessed Mother Mary, in 2000, Sister Olga created the ‘Marian Club’, while she was teaching in New Jersey. She introduced the Marian Club to St. Joseph School in 2008, and it has been a blessing to our students. Students who choose to participate in the Marian Club meet every Tuesday after school, and they learn about Mary and her Son Jesus’ love for them. They show their special love and devotion to Mary when they tell others what they have learned.

Sister Olga brings a lot of talent to our school, and she is involved with the students hands-on, every day.  She is reaching out to everyone from the classroom to the corridor. From morning drop-off to playground duty to after-school pick-up, she is seizing the opportunity to get to know all of our students and their parents personally. Her ‘Catholic Schools Leadership Training’ has prepared her to evaluate our school’s strengths and weaknesses, and she is very excited to gradually implement some great ideas she has come up with, for the current and future benefit of our school and its growth. She is sensitive to the staff, parents and students at our school, and she encourages parents to be involved with our progress.

Sister Olga also teaches confirmation class throughout the summer, and on Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout the school year, to Hispanic middle school students. Sister Olga will tell you this about herself:

“Teaching is not just my job, it is my Vocation. I really enjoy teaching kids, and I am so thankful that I am able to lead and guide them. I am so happy here! I really like the environment here at St. Joseph’s, our wonderful faculty and our Pastors. I really do feel like we are all a family…I offer my students trust, affection and confidence to get an education, and I tell them that learning is a life-long journey, for which I educate and guide them to be able to confront the realities of today’s society. Teaching and serving with love, compassion, creativity and enthusiasm are the keys to being an excellent teacher. This is my mission, my philosophy and my vocation, as an educator and Missionary Daughter of the Most Pure Virgin Mary”.


Mrs. Cathy Soule

Secretary / Bookkeeper

Phone:  (509) 663-2644   

Cathy grew up in Wenatchee.  Prior to joining the staff at St. Joe’s, she had worked in Retail for several years, after raising 3 children.  She began working at  St. Joseph School in the fall of 2008.

Cathy came to St. Joe’s because she really wanted to work in a Christ-centered family environment. Cathy has been such an incredible blessing to our school. She is so much more to us than just our Secretary! Cathy’s job is non-stop from the moment she enters the front door until she leaves at the end of the day. She efficiently, tirelessly and patiently does the job of what it seems should require ten people to do. She is the information hub of the school. If she doesn’t have the answer you’re looking for she will find that answer within minutes. Hers is the first face you encounter when you walk through the front door of St. Joseph School. She kindly greets everyone with a smile, and she knows each parent and student by name. She also acts as the school ‘nurse’, ready to hand out an ice pack and a hug when an unfortunate piece of playground equipment runs into a student!

Cathy says she loves working at St. Joe’s, because: “I like that the children learn values and place an importance on God in their lives. I like how the parents are involved in the school and with their children. I like that the staff come together in prayer before starting each new day. Our teachers are absolutely wonderful & they all have unique styles—they’re a GREAT group! The repoire between teachers and students is excellent. You can tell that the teachers all work together, they all enjoy what they do, and their students enjoy them. The kids are great. They are a group of kids with very unique, fun personalities. It is amazing to watch them grow from the start to the end of the year. St. Joseph students are very well behaved, have good manners, and are courteous & respectful. The kids are genuinely concerned about each other. There is a sense of camaraderie among them all. The older kids look out for the younger ones, and they are compassionate when someone gets hurt”.